Friday, October 4, 2013


Just to start off.. I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately. School has been completely overwhelming me and I've barely had time just to sit down and think let alone do anything I actually enjoy like blogging. Also, I've been very low on cash and I'm trying to use up the mass amount of makeup that I have right now instead of constantly buying new products so I haven't had new product posts to share!
With that being said, I have needed some dresses and a pair of booties so I slapped them on my credit card! The dresses from Tobi and the booties from Just Fab. When you place your first order with Just Fab, you get the pair for $19.95! You can use my little referral if you'd be interested in checking some shoes out.... click here!

I also got a customized monogrammed front pocket tee as well! The seller on Etsy is local to Richmond, VA so I finally got around to picking it up from her house today.

I wore a normal, bright bra underneath these so you guys can see how they would wear with well, a normal bra.


This is the Cut It Out dress! It looks to be sold out right now but should be back soon enough! Some bras do show through the cut out and personally, I like to wear a black bralette underneath the dress so there's some lace in those cutouts. It's short but manageable and very comfortable and flowy! Comes in many colors and I got mine in a small.

This is the Tarna Tunic which is also sold out but also will be back soon. I got it in this beautiful wine color and have been wearing it knit black leggings and my new booties(look below!) and a scarf. Super cute. It definitely should not be worn with nothing on your legs as it's an odd.. well, tunic. It's a shirt dress. Very very VERY comfortable though and makes me feel warm and cozy in the cooler weather. This one is also in a small.


I LOVE THESE SHOES! These are the Sam booties from JustFab and man, are they so comfortable. They have zippers on the insides of the ankles and little slits on the outside to ensure that they fit with all different kinds of jeans. I live in a city with broken and misplaced bricks and uneven sidewalks and can survive in these babies. I can't express how in love with them I am and I really love the color. The suede-like material is what made me sway towards these taupe ones instead of my usual tan/brown since tan/brown seem to go better as a leather material. I'm glad I went out of my comfort zone with this color choice. Also, I wear a size 9.

and lastly, my monogrammed long-sleeved pocket tee! I've been wanting one for awhile and I found one that was cheap and looked nice and she was from my area! So if you're from Richmond, VA, you can waive shipping and just pick it up from her house. I got mine in my school colors and in a circle monogram but you can get any color and the traditional kind of monogram as well. I got a medium because I usually need to size up in long sleeved shirts and it fits perfectly.

That's all I've got for you guys today! Let me know what you think :)

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