Sunday, April 2, 2017


I grabbed four of Makeup Geek's newest lip products— their Showstopper Creme Stains in various different shades the day that they dropped. The packaging is so sleek and beautiful that I couldn't stay away! Unfortunately, I don't like the product inside of the packaging :(

But let's get some photos out of the way first...

and here are my four shades swatched on the lips:

Starting with just the base shades, I do like them. I didn't expect to like 'Foxtrot' and do. Same with 'Do-Si-Do' and 'Twerk' is just light enough to really show it's color well. I thought 'Flamenco' was going to be deeper but it's still a pretty red. I love the dancing theme of the shade names, too.

Now we can get into the obvious. The formula is horrific. I'm so confused by this product and I'm begging people to help me understand them because they are lightweight, yes. They're lightweight because they are so thin and streaky on the lips and once you get enough on your lips to make the color even, the product gets thick and cracks (see: Do-Si-Do)

They don't "stain", either.

I'm very sad with these :( I'm going to pair them with liners so I can get SOME wear out of them but ultimately on their own, they are not the best on the market. Stick with eye products, MUG.

Did anyone else pick them up ASAP? I would LOVE to start a discussion on them so I can understand them better. Since they're stains, I wouldn't expect that they're "supposed" to be layered over liners but if someone knows something I don't, my ears are open.

Have an awesome week!

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