Sunday, July 7, 2013


I don't know what it is about my local drugstores but they take ages to get new products up! I've made many trips to Walgreens/Rite-Aid/CVS over the past week or so in order to find the new Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes mascara with no avail.. finally on my way home from my friend's house last night I decided to waste some time and stop and :O <----- that was my face. In all actuality. They finally had it all set up! Not only did the display show the new mascara but the new Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Loose Shadows, the Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation stick and the EyeStudio Master Smoky Long-wearing Shadow Pencil. All of these seemed very tempting to me(even the foundation because it looks like a dupe-idea-thing for Benefit's Fake Up concealer) but I stood strong against my favorite brand and only purchased two things.

So far so great with this mascara! It applies evenly without clumps and gives pretty good shape to uncurled lashes. It's much like the older Falsies mascara just with a different brush shape. The only concern I have for this product is that since it is a double-ended mascara, there is much less product to be delivered to your lashes. Also, we will be using much less mascara on our bottom lashes than our top so the purple tube is going to be running out far more quickly than the black end. I guess all I can do is wait and see, after a couple of months, how it's doing!

It's pretty difficult to show how mascara works in a photo format so I decided to film a first impression video. If you want to skip forward to me actually just applying the product, just go to the 1:30 mark!

Now, I'm not a big pigment person at all. When my friend Brittany texted me yesterday with pictures and information on them, I wasn't too into the idea. I said only if they had a shimmery ivory color would I get them. Well, I kind of opened up the packaging in the store(oops) and took a look at 'Barely Brazen' and it's pretty dang shimmery. Like super pretty. I was super into it.

This isn't the most phenomenal thing I must say. However, it would be great when layered overtop of another shimmery champagne shadow! It just isn't pigmented enough in my opinion to be a single shadow. If you want to see how it wears, I am wearing it in the mascara photos above and in the mascara video posted above! It just wears as a shimmery, warm nude that reminds me a lot of my Urban Decay 'Sin' eyeshadow. I applied it overtop of a primer so it would stay put longer than I believe it would just on it's own since it is a loose product!

Have you tried these pressed pigments yet? I'm very curious to see what the other colors look like.. just not enough to go buy them myself! Haha!

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