Monday, September 9, 2013


CONGRATUATIONS!!!! You've survived the emotionally exhausting and stressful week/weekend that was recruitment. Bid Day is the day that is going to make it alllllllll worthwhile.

Again, different campuses heed different kinds of Bid Days. At Oklahoma, we received our bids at our dorm tower(even upperclassmen had to stay in dorms for recruitment) and then we RAN.. yes full out SPRINTED to the houses and all of our future sisters were outside waiting for us with signs with names and bid day shirts! and hugs. LOTS of hugs. It can be extremely overwhelming once the initial excitement boils down but don't let yourself think about it too much! You made this decision for a reason and as long as that reason was from your heart, you'll be fine.

Now, urban campuses like mine. We received our bids in our commons and then we [attempted] to run to the most central part of our campus called 'The Compass'. Now, there are roads. and cars. and lots of hazards in the cities so the police tried to stop us from running but we totally didn't care and kept doing it. All of the sororities were in a circle and we would run into the middle and run to them and everybody would scream and hug. Yes, more hugging. and get bid shirts! Be sure to take a lot of pictures today because you will look back and them and love them! I honestly wish I got more but what can ya do? I'll do it next year.

Did I mention that you'll find out what houses all of your recruitment counselors are in? That was so much fun. I had FIVE of the women in my chapter!

my entire chapter on Bid Day!
So yeah, obviously I joined Alpha Gamma Delta. I toyed with the decision of mentioning what I joined but why be secretive? I'm not a blog directed towards Greek Life so it's not like I'll be biased in all of my posts or anything. I'm proud of the chapter that I joined!

As I said earlier, it is all overwhelming. We went back to some sister's house and had a cookout and a little meeting with everybody and I was so intensely scared and intimidated since I didn't know anybody yet that I left kind of early and came back to my apartment to just lay down and take everything in. The recruitment process is very wearing and having so much excitement at the end can definitely take it out of you! This is when I started to second guess everything I was doing and I got super scared and emotional and of course.. called my parents. Not even twenty minutes after getting off the phone with them did the friend requests + wall posts from the older members start flooding in. I instantly felt welcomed and loved and it made everything easier!

With each day that passes you will grow closer and closer with your group and I absolutely cannot wait to become an initiated sister later this year!

Bid Day is a ton of fun and it's the icing on your Greek cake. Hopefully you all have/had successful recruitments and if you didn't, don't be torn away! If you've been reading through this entire series, you will know that I went through two times. I am so happy I didn't settle at a house that I didn't feel a connection to because then I would have never been able to be a part of the group that I am now.

With that, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below on any of the posts from this series and I would love to answer them or guide you to an answer! After this, I'm back to my normal makeup/beauty posts :)

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  1. Despite having zero experience with sorority recruitments (there's no greek life at all on my campus!) this was a really interesting and informative series of posts! Really enjoyed them :)

    1. Yay!! I am so glad! I was hoping that people who weren't entirely interested in the topic could still enjoy them so that's wonderful to hear. Thanks!

  2. So I really want to participate in Greek life this coming fall. But I'm horrified that I won't be accepted for a few reasons
    1) I'm overweight and every girl I saw on campus involved with Greek life wasn't. I didn't go talk to them because I was afraid. Do girls really base their opinions on weight in Greek life?
    2) I don't come from a family with loads of money. So would I be accepted if I didn't drive a nice car or have the coolest gadgets?
    3) hazing stories Frighten me so much how would I handle if it happened?
    I'm a very shy person until I'm comfortable. As you could possibly tell. Good posts though!!

    1. Hi Dorothy! I'm so glad you are interested in going Greek :) Do not be afraid to go up to any girl! I guarantee they will be so happy to talk to you about their organization. NO, girls do not usually base their opinions on weight in Greek Life. If they do, that's not an organization that you should want to be a part of anyway.

      Just because your family is not wealthy it does not mean that you will not be competitive in recruitment. Without getting too personal, I am not wealthy either and I am happy as can be in my organization. As long as you're happy, confident and personable, you will be successful.

      All CPC and NPC organizations are against hazing and it is nothing like it is in the movies. Ask about that in recruitment to get a specific answer from the prospective houses and they will assure you that it does not happen! You should not be handling it whatsoever because it should not be happening!

      It's OK to be shy :) I was shy the majority of my life but just wear something that you feel comfortable in and try and get comfortable making small talk and know what you want from an organization so you can ask about it in recruitment. Whatever you feel will be how others feel about you so as long as you're happy, you're set!

  3. Fantastic series!! I'm rushing next spring and I can't wait! This definitely helped the most out of all of the guides I've read :)


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