Friday, September 6, 2013


Back with yet another sorority recruitment post! Depending on the size of your college, you may have different days today. Regardless, the next two rounds are the sisterhood and house tour rounds. On my urban campus, we do not have sorority houses so we actually don't have any houses to tour and don't have that day! But on your bigger campuses, you will have a day dedicated to walking around the house and seeing all the bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. By this time in my journey last year I still had a house that actually boasts the largest sorority house in the nation(you can google it if you are actually THAT curious to see which house I'm talking about) and it was so incredibly cool to walk around and tour it. It's nickname is the 'Dream House' because it's actually just like a Barbie Dream House. So cool! Definitely be weary if you're wearing heels or wedges today as you will be walking a lot. I wore wedges and regretted it after the first house!

The other round that you would be having around now would be the Sisterhood round. This is when I knew which chapter I wanted to join and you get to see how all of the sisters interact and have each other's backs. Many chapters will show video slideshows of all the girls at various events or on vacations and it allows you to have an insight to the everyday life of the girls and you'll be able to see if you can envision yourself in one of the chapters. I knew that I had found the chapter that I had wanted when I found myself at other parties, watching their sisterhood videos and thinking about that one chapter's video. It was cool. Goosebumps ensued.

TO WEAR: Go a bit dressier than past days but don't go formal just yet!! Keep that one more day. Just a nice skirt with a blouse or a casual dress. Pull out the wedges if you're comfortable(I did!) but otherwise just wear some flats or nice sandals.

Love this dress + I paired it with some nude Steve Madden wedges. Hair was half up.
cute outfits for Sisterhood Round via Pinterest
Please still keep an open mind. As you continue to narrow down houses and begin having some feelings towards others, remember that nothing is guaranteed until you receive your bid.

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