Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am back!! Day Two of Sorority Recruitment consists of the chapters telling you all about their philanthropies. If you were not aware, the Greek community raises millions of dollars for different organizations around the nation and spend the entire academic year volunteering and doing good! Personally, it's something that really draws me to sororities now that I've matured a bit and I've realized that I want to be doing good in the world.

Prior to today you will have cut some houses that you didn't exactly 'click' with on Day One. You may get these houses back if they saw something in you or you may not see them again during this process! Since you cut some houses, you will have longer rounds today! A bit less talking than yesterday and you may see a video as well. I guess I didn't mention this in yesterday's post but be sure to talk to as many sisters as you can. If you feel like your host isn't introducing you to ladies then politely ask her if you can! That's the whole point of recruitment; to see if you fit in with all of the chapter.

TO WEAR: Wear something very similar to Day One!

Here's what I wore to Philanthropy Day! Fun fact: that 'shirt' is actually a dress!
At my school we actually did a small craft for each of the chapter's philanthropies either wrapping up presents to send to children or beading a bracelet in the sorority's colors. Now, if you have a longer schedule typically at those bigger schools you will have an extra day made for Skits. Some of the girls in each chapter will dress up and put on a skit for you and the house will be decorated in whatever theme the skit comes from. It's super cute and it's a great way to break down any barriers after a super stressful first couple of days. Wish I had an outfit but we didn't have that day at my new school.. I only did last year.

pictures from Skit Day that I found on Pinterest
From here on out the days will continue to get more and more meaningful so keep a look out for those goosebumps of that 'moment' when you really set one or more houses apart from the others as favorites. Still continue to keep an open mind as you never really know what can happen, though.

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  1. Great job again! I didn't have skit day when I went through it so it's interesting to hear about that for the first time.

    1. Thank you yet again! I didn't have it this year that was something I had at my last school but it was a really fun day. Unless the skits were lame...... then they made the day suck hahaha