Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I am so excited to share with you all my very first (completed) Z Palette!!!!

I recently had been getting tired of having so many palettes around and having to choose which was the "most important" when traveling and such. I decided to depot and combine my shadows into my Large Z Palette so I could have everything together.

Unfortunately, I own many Urban Decay shadows. I have learned the hard way that UD shadows aren't designed for depotting and placing into a separate palette. I had a UD-specific palette but it only held six shadows. Most of them have survived thus far but my 'Blackout' lost a chunk out of it the day after I put it in and that was quiiiiiiiite messy.. Urban Decay customer service confirmed that I was not supposed to depot them (oops) but again, so far so good after that incident.

Because I am excessively Type A, I had a photoshop document going as I was filling in the palette to keep track of which shadows are which. You can find it underneath the below photo of the palette:

ABH = Anastasia Beverly Hills
UD = Urban Decay

I organized the shadows in a way that made the most sense to me. Cooler Earth tones on the top, warm sunny shades under that followed by the reds, purples and pinks and lastly the neutrals.

Two of my shadows are Makeup Geek pigments that I put into an eyeshadow pan because I was never, ever, ever, EVER going to use them as a pigment. Pigments are far too messy and difficult to work with but since putting them in my palette, I have used the (now pressed) pigments multiple times.

My favorite shadows in my collection are Makeup Geek 'Chickadee', Makeup Geek 'Magic Act', Urban Decay 'Blackout' and Urban Decay 'Beware'. Not interestingly, they're all warm shades. I've had to force myself to buy more cool-toned shadows in an effort to broaden my eyeshadow horizons.

In another no-brainer, I am the most pleased with all of my Makeup Geek shadows. They have amazing foiled shades and neutrals that blend beautifully.

Below are on-arm swatches that have no primer underneath or anything. Just my bare arm and my beautiful shadows!!!!

Since this post, I have gotten another Z Palette and am separating my shadows by warm and cool tones. Clearly, my cool toned palette is a bit lacking at the moment. Let me know what your recommendations are!

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